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  • All of our packaging is eco-friendly and is made out of environmentally friendly composition, all paper based, 100% recyclable. Almost entirely Plastic-Free, the only plastic currently used is for the end caps of the cardboard tubes which are used to post our Screen Prints and brown tape to close up boxes and attach labels. 


  • A4, A3, A2 Prints are printed on 100% recycled paper.

  • Square Prints are printed on paper from a supplier based in the UK and as a company, they are also highly focused on being as sustainable as possible, and are fully committed to their practices being non-polluting and as environmentally-friendly as possible.


The Vintage collection is handmade with up-cycled hexagon crystals recovered from an original vintage chandelier.

The faceted crystals are made from glass and we use scrap copper and brass pipes and cotton string.


On-going Changes: 

  • Using only Organic recycled cotton. 

  • Currently using wool from Wool and The Gang, their wool is from Perù, sourced with consideration, it's natural, renewable and biodegradable and they work with fashion factories to repurpose their fashion waste into new yarns to reduce landfill. You can see their story at

  • Using up all stock we have of acrylic fibre and gradually taking down all dream catchers we make using acrylic yarn.

  • Feathers featured are from poultry or common game birds and none from rare or endangered species.

  •  The poultry feathers we use would ordinarily be treated as a waste product and therefore discarded without use.

  • Where indicated, the feathers are naturally shed and collected personally from nature.


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