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Care Instructions




All of our dream catchers are handmade to order with pure and natural materials.

The hoops are made out of natural wood or metal, other materials used are wool, cotton and natural fibres yarn, wooden beads, natural dyed or un-dyed feathers, crystal quartzes, selenite, tourmaline and other semi-precious crystal stones.

Please refer to individual products for materials.

Upon receiving your new dream catcher you will need to adjust into place the draping. You can do this by passing your fingers through the yarns and feathers.

If the yarns appear creased they can be gently ironed, please iron one string at a time. 

To purify your dream catcher hang it at your window so that it catches the sunlight, this is important because the sun acts as a cleaner for the bad negative dreams and energy caught in the web. 


The suncatchers come ready to hang near your most sunny window to "catch" the sunlight, when the sun is out they will fill your room with rainbows 🌈 .

The crystals are made out of faceted glass and they will break if they fall so please manage with care.

The Suncatcher crystals may have imperfections on the crystal glass and around the cord attachment of the crystal, this doesn't affect the sparkle of the crystal and it is due to the making process of the glass.



Screen printing is a traditional process with each item carefully hand printed. As a result your product may have slight variations to the photos shown, this is the beauty of screen printing as it makes each product unique.

Your screen print will arrive carefully packed in a solid cardboard tube, once unwrapped you will need to lay it flat on a table with books (or any other heavy flat object) over the top, wait until the paper is completely flat and it is ready to be hanged. 

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