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Vegan Collection Ⓥ Catcher Of Dreams 


This Catcher of Dreams is handmade with pure and natural elements, at the center of this dream piece there are two rough crystal quartz points, one of the most powerful and positive stones of the planet.


Dreamcatchers are protective talismans which are used to protect people from nightmares and negative energies.You should hang your dreamcatcher over or near your bed to shield you when sleeping or at an entry point of energies in your home such as windows and doors.


A dreamcatcher should be purified frequently by hanging it at your window so that it catches the sunlight, this is important because the sun acts as a cleaner for the bad negative dreams and energy caught in the web, the crystal quartz will also absorb the sun positive energy and project it into your home.

Triangle △ 12"

Only 1 left in stock
  • Triangle 12" / 31 cm 

    Length 26" / 66 cm 

    Total Hanging Length 28.5" / 72 cm 


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