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Magical White is a giant dreamcatcher of light. Handmade with pure and natural elements, at the center of this dream piece there is a large rough crystal quartz point, one of the most powerful and positive stones of the planet.


Giant dreamcatchers are protective totems which shield you from bad energies in your home. You should hang it in a place where there is a bit of sunshine as a dreamcatcher should be purified frequently by catching the sunlight, this is important because the sun acts as a cleaner for the bad negative dreams and energy caught in the web, the crystal quartz will also absorb the sun positive energy and project it into your home.

If the space in your home where you want to hang this doesn't have any sunlight just remember to purify it every once in a while. 


All Dream Catchers are hand made to order, we can customise any design to your desires, just reach out to make a special order.

Magical White ◯ 28"

  • Hoop 28" / 71.5 cm 

    Length 67" / 170 cm 


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